Yesterday the battle for our sovereignty was lost.  Just as in Nazi Germany, on a day much like yesterday in 1934, the public was swayed by a propaganda machine and a nation was overtaken.  The agenda for both parties were remarkable similar.  Government controlled unions were to flourish.  Free healthcare was to be given to all.  The government will take care of all of your needs.  Just like that, the world changed overnight, just as it did in 1934 so has it done in 2012.

I awoke this morning not to anger but to humiliation, humiliated for the first time in my life to call myself an American.  I am still in shock that the lies that were thrown out by the President and Vice President of the United States of America were bought hook, line, and sinker by the majority of legal and illegal citizens of our once great country.  Humiliated in the fact that I was under the assumption that people would actually look into the bile being spread and use the tools available to actually learn the truth.  I will admit that there were obstacles in their paths such as the mainstream media.  Most of the news outlets led a campaign of deceit and cover-up in order to keep their candidate in office.  I was humiliated that people chose a president because he promised them that they could have sex without worrying about getting pregnant, and that the government would provide free birth control for them.  I am humiliated that people would vote for a president because he was black, no other reason but because he was black.  I am humiliated that people would listen to a known perjurer, womanizer, adulterer, and liar who told them that this was as good of a man as he was and to please vote for him.

I am disappointed.  I am disappointed in our journalists.  I cannot for the life of me understand how they could set back and not cover so many major stories simply because it would shine a negative spotlight on the president.  They had no problems doing it to Bush or Reagan.  The outrage from the press was not seen during this time in our history and I believe that will come back to haunt us all.  We rely on the press to keep politicians honest, well we did in the years leading up to 1934 and we thought that the lesson had been learned then, but apparently we were wrong.

I no doubt in my mind feel that this country has chosen a path that many people with the blinders of change on cannot see.  The demographics of this country are starting to mirror the anti-Semitic ways of the 1930’s Germany.  Look at the Democratic National Convention when they went to amend their platform by adding the word God back in to it, the crowd went crazy.  During interviews on the floor people said that God had no business in the democratic process.  I seem to recall a time in history when people tried to determine where and with whom God should be.  That time did not bode well for the world either.

I can only pray that the changes brought over the last four years and the changes that are to be brought forth over the next four years can somehow be reversed by sane and rational human beings at some point in our future.  I pray that neither me nor my children be prosecuted for believing in a god that is good and just.  I pray that this country will once again become a pillar of hope and strength in a world of turmoil.  I pray that America leaves the anti-Semitic, and atheistic train tracks that are leading us to another socialists society and returns us to a God-loving nation that once was prosperous and free.

I am, as many are today, ashamed. Humiliated, and utterly disappointed.