I watched a debate last night that was a great example of millionaire against millionaire.  Neither of them knows the middle class.  Neither of them knows the “folks.”  Neither of them shares in my struggles as a middle class American.  One makes over seven million a year and the other over twenty million a year.  We all know that neither of them actually cares what happens to me or to you.  What we do know is our country is going broke.  Medicaid and Medicare are going broke.  Social Security is going broke.  Twenty three million unemployed or under employed in 2008 and still in 2012.  We know that the housing market crash was a direct result of an act pushed by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, along with Bill Clinton, that allowed people to purchase homes without proof of ability to pay because owning a home is “a right not a privilege.”  We all know that we are in wars in the Middle East that on Sep 12, 2001 not one person in this country was against going into.  Short term memory is a problem here in the US.  We all know that Wall Street was out of control.  We also know that by handcuffing the lending institutions with threats of takeovers from the federal government then they will quit lending to individuals that have had a hard time in life but have managed to claw their way back to sanity.  We all know that we have laws that we have to live by.  We have our leaders who tell our countries Border Patrol and Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents that if they enforce the law they will be punished.
     Finally, after my long rant, we all know that this country is in dire need of leadership.  If it is to be Obama then demand that he step up and be the man that he promised in 2008.  If it is to be Romney then hold him accountable for the promises that he is making.  Either way, it is up to us, as Americans, to deliver a leader to the world that represents America and American values.  In God We Trust, and I trust that you will make the right decision in who you put your trust in to lead our great country.  Do not be short sighted and think about what is good for me today, but rather what will be best for my children tomorrow.