Talk to the Hand

What kind of leader, responsible for so many millions of people, would try to take the whole country to the brink of disaster?  Unfortunately ours is willing to do this.  Today Mr. Obama stated that he will veto any measure that comes across his desk that does not include a tax hike on the top two percent of wage earners.  He is using threats that the republicans are holding hostage tax cuts for the middle class.  So to be more in tune, Mr. Obama is willing to raise taxes on one hundred percent of America in order to punish two percent of the taxpayers, that already pay seventy percent of the taxes of the entire country.

Mr. Obama has nothing to lose at this point.  His grandstanding to his base, which is dwindling daily, in order to prove a point.  His point is that Robin Hood was right.  That the right thing to do is steal from the rich and give to the poor.  A thief is a thief, just as Robin Hood was a thief so is Mr. Obama.  Mr. Obama is getting hit from all sides at this point.  His base wants to see a fighter, Congress wants to see his records, and the American people want him to be a President.  Unfortunately none of these groups are going to see any of the above.  He is trying to fight out of desperation but anyone who has ever fought knows that desperation leads to mistakes.  Mr. Obama’s mistakes are starting to surface and he is panicking.

The administration is now paying, illegally, bonuses to Medicare Advantage companies in order to hide the cuts that were scheduled to take place.  This is just another election year game that has been uncovered by Congress in order for seniors not to see their premiums go up and their coverage go down right before an election.  Another strategy is the administrations order to the Defense Department not to send out possible layoff notices, required by law, to the many defense contractors employees.  These employees, mostly union, number in the hundreds of thousands that due to the impending defense cuts on the first of the year have the possibility of getting laid off.  The law requires them to be notified at a minimum of ninety days out if there is the possibility of layoffs.  The Obama administration has told the defense department not to send out these notices before the election and that they would cover any legal problems brought about by literally breaking the law.

As stated earlier this administration has nothing to lose.  The sad thing is, as Americans we do, but they don’t care.  Talk to the hand!

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