‎47,600,000 people are receiving food stamps.  Let’s put a low estimate of half of them smoke.  The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $5.29.  At one pack of cigarettes a day, that is $125,902,000 per day that is being spent on cigarettes by food stamp recipients.  That alone totals $45,954,230,000 per year to the tobacco companies from people who are receiving just this one government benefit.  This does not include the health problems that are incurred due to smoking.  Sure what one person does is not that big of a deal, but when 23,800,000 do it, it becomes a huge deal.

I smoked for over twenty years.  When we were down and out and had to ask for help I quit smoking.  I could not bring myself to ask for help for my family and then go out and spend money on a vice.  A vice is just that, a vice.  Vices were designed to hold something down and that is exactly what they do.  So if you receive these government benefits ask yourself honestly, and be honest with yourself, how much money do you spend on cigarettes and the occasional drink?  How could that money be better spent on helping out you and your family?  I am not downing anybody’s family.  I have been in need of help before myself.  I am simply asking people to open their eyes to the fact that this country is broke.  Not going broke but fiscally broke.  If food stamp recipients can afford nearly $46 billion dollars a year in just cigarettes then they can use that same money to buy milk, bread, soup, and other groceries without the government having to pay for it.