There is always a worry lingering that one day I will wake up from this dream. If I do will she still be there? Will she still care? How can someone so beautiful love someone so broken? How can she not see what I see? When she realizes that the souls of her feet hold more beauty than my entire being, will she still love me?

Sometimes the dreams are so real it’s scary.

When you touch me I cry

Because I am unworthy of such love

Because I am undeserving of such peace

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The framers , as you name them, were lvniig under an increasingly repressive British government. As colonists, they were seen as second-class citizens. They were subject to arbitrary taxation, their homes and belongings could be searched and seized without pretense. They felt they were being bullied.. . Domestic tranquility is a fancy way of saying a peaceful life. The concept of liberty was being able to live apart from fear of punishment without due process, the ability to speak one’s mind and the choice of being able to determine what they themselves wanted from life.. . How’s this for a rephrasing? to enable us to live peacefully, and to keep our precious freedoms safe for ourselves and our children. . . Oh, and the more perfect union part referred to their desire to govern themselves. Having their own country would have to be more perfect than being a British colony, or so the reasoning went.

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