We see so many things in so many different ways.  Sometimes we have to realize that what we see, although not an illusion, is not what others see.  Occasionally we have to close our eyes in order to see clearly.  Occasionally we are fooled by the reality of the answers.  Sometimes the answers come from the heart of another person.  Maybe, just maybe we should listen to the ones with the undistorted view.

Which side of the mirror do you look through?

I can’t see what you are seeing

My eyes were pierced by your beauty

You see imperfections as a vile fiend

I see them as God’s way of transforming an angel

You see the crows feet beside your eyes

I see pools of love to be lost in forever

You see the wrinkles starting to form

I see them as paths to guide my way

You see your uncontrollable curls

I see what my fingers are longing for

You see the start of a double chin

I see a neck that longs for a kiss

You see extra weight and cry

I see the girl I married and sigh

You see a stretch mark as a hideous thing

I see the loving mother of my children

Your see in your mirror unflattering views

I see in mine the beauty in you

Your mirror shows a distorted view

Mine only shows what I know to be true