Have you ever heard the statement that nothing in life is free?

October 1st sweeping changes started taking effect with the implementation of Obamacare.  One of the changes that came about on Oct 1st was the readmission policy to hospitals.  Now this is a cost saving measure for Medicaid and Medicare that will not affect the care of any entitlement recipients according to the Obama administration.  This is a way to make the hospitals and physicians treat these recipients better the first time.  They refer to it as the same as taking your car into a mechanic.  When you take your car in, the dealerships and the mechanics get graded on what is called fixed right the first time.  Well the same is true for admission into a hospital.

The law says that if a person is admitted to any hospital for any reason and then subsequently discharged that if they are readmitted to that hospital or any other hospital within thirty days for any reason then the second hospital and the second doctor will not be paid.  This is actually a law now for Medicaid and Medicare recipients.

Would you consider this a form of rationing?  I would and many, many doctors and hospitals do also.  This puts the doctors and hospitals in a very sad predicament.  They want to treat the person but they can’t afford to just give away bed space and medicines and not get paid for it.  So they are the ones that have to make a choice to either treat without admitting, even if needed, or admit the patient without getting paid.  Hospitals, doctors, and nurses deserve to get paid for their work.  Companies that spend countless dollars on research and development of new drugs deserve to get paid.

According to the American Medical Association sixty percent of Medicare and Medicaid providers have stated that they will quit seeing Medicare and Medicaid patients due to the cutbacks in pay and the unethical demands of turning away the sick due to government constraints such as the one listed above.  Tort laws in this country allow people to sue doctors and hospitals for the most insignificant things.  Malpractice insurance is at the highest levels it has ever been.  Why would a doctor risk his home, his financial savings, and his family’s future because the government has put him in a position of either work for free or risk being sued?

This is just one of many cost cutting measures in Obamacare.  We have not made it to the Independent Payment Advisory Board yet.  I will not call them a “Death Panel” like Obama Czar, Stephen Rattner, when he just recently said the “We need death panels!”  So I guess Sarah Palin was right after all.