A Prayer for Love

Being apart from the one that you love can be a very trying time for the soul.  Who would have ever thought that someone could feel actual pain from missing the love that is usually with them constantly?  People say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and they may be right.  However that does not stop the worrying that will overshadow everything else going on in their lives.

Lord, please keep them safe.

For the one that I love
With all of my heart
Comes this special prayer
For when we’re apart

My comforting friend
From up on high
Watch over my love
Who’s not with me tonight

Let her journey be safe
With no pain or sorrow
So that I can always
Look forward to tomorrow

Lord place me in her sweetest dreams
So that she will always see
How much her love means to me
When she dreams those dreams of me

Let her know how much I care
Now that we are miles apart
And that every moment she’s away
A pain runs deep within my heart

Dear Lord above protect her
Wherever she may be
And I ask for one more favor Lord
Please bring her home safely to me


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