My name is Earnest Lawrence.

These are some of my boys.  Evan, Cooper, me, and Howie the little one.  I also have Alek, Tiffany, and Cheryl my lovely wife of forever.

I enjoy writing casually and with little regard to perfection.  I write about experiences that I have had over my forty plus years on this earth.  Life is funny and it throws all kinds of things at you.  The difference in how you react to those throws is the difference in happiness and just surviving.

I walk every path with God holding my hand.  There is no straighter or happier path to take.  This does not mean that sorrow and pain do not come my way.  It does mean that when I have those moments that I have a friend, a confidant, a comforter that I can rely on and that assures me that I will be ok.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave any comments that you like.