It blows my mind to think of what our grandparents would say about today’s individuals.  Not just today’s children, but about their own children and the screwed up society that they have created.  Today’s world has become such a cesspool of whining and crying that we seem to have lost sight of what makes a great person as well as a great society.

Personal responsibility is a quality that has disappeared over the years.  Parents don’t discipline their children and their children don’t know how to discipline their children.  Today we blame the restaurant for making the coffee to hot versus us using common sense to test the coffee before taking a big swig of it.  We blame the doctor for not treating the illness when we don’t follow his direction and take ALL of the medication that he prescribed.  This comes down to simple things such as picking up a shirt in the store and taking it to the register without noticing that it did not have a price tag on it.  We get upset about having to wait in line for a price check when we could have brought a similar item with a tag and the line would have moved along perfectly.

We have also given up on raising our children.  We say that we do but are we really doing a good job?  Our kinder gentler parenting has led to children who talk back, have no moral standards, and feel that they are free to do whatever they like.  Juvenile sex is more prevalent than at any other time in history.  Drug use is being condoned by the masses and the children see this as a good thing.  We see college students graduating who will not go to work because they can’t get paid a six figure salary.  Yet we turn it all back on society and the lack of jobs.  We don’t look at the children and ask yourself, would you hire them?  Would you want your company represented by tattooed up, pierced up, multicolored haired individuals?  Would you hire someone who talks back and doesn’t take orders without having to explain everything to them and every reason for the orders?  We have taught our kids to question without limits.  What seems to be missing is the teaching of acceptance.  Not accepting that people can dress and act how they like, but rather acceptance of an order given to you by your supervisor.  Supervisors include parents.

Now I pose the question, when did parents stop being responsible for their children’s behavior?  I would venture to say it was right along the time that we quit spanking our kids and started putting them in time out.  Oh my god, you mean if I throw something at mom I am going to have to sit in a time out chair for five minutes?  Okay!  What a punishment.  I see children cursing at their parents because they want to buy them a Cadillac sports coupe and the kid wants a BMW coupe or a Porsche.  But we have created these monsters by not holding the parents responsible for own their children’s actions.  We watch as kids talk back to their parents and say nothing.  We tolerate the rudeness of children because we don’t want to offend the parents.  We tolerate children dressing inappropriately with their pants down around their knees.

If you own or work in a business tell them to pull up their pants or leave.  If they disrespect you then tell them to leave.  Wait for the parents to show up and explain to them that you do not tolerate badly raised children.  It is time to stop being afraid that you might offend someone, and speak up to these kids and their parents and tell them that you will not accept this.  It is time that we do take our country back one kid and one parent at a time.  It is time for us to hold these parents accountable for their children.  It is time for us to stop blaming the movies and the video games for their bad behavior.  You are the parents that let them watch the movies and play the video games.  If you as parents control your children and raise them with a firm hand then we as a society could regain control of this runaway nation.  Take responsibility for your children.  Be accountable to society for what you are letting out into the world.  It all starts with one person standing up to the rudeness and the disrespect that the kids today show toward the rest of society.

Just my humble opinion!