Millions of my brethren line the streets at night.  Vents and benches are filled with the homeless veterans of America.  They served their country in a time of crisis and now the crisis is theirs only they have no one to serve them.  They have become an outcast of society.  Them along with their families no longer matter in the grand scheme.  Once heroes, once fathers, once brothers, once friends, they are now burdens.  Burdens not only to America, but even worse, they are burdens to themselves.

Will work for food


Why do I disgust you

Is it my dirty clothes

Or my dirty hands

Is it the fact that I asked for change

Or is it that I asked you

Is my sign offensive to you

Homeless Vet, need help please

My disfigurement maybe

I endured the pain for you

I would look you in the eyes

Only you are looking down

Do I embarrass you

Or am I embarrassing to you

I would have showered

Just tell me where to go

And if I showered then would you help

I would still be in these clothes

They are the only ones that I own

Do you think it’s a scam

You say go get a job

Would you hire me

Would you work beside me

On the application it ask for an address

That changes daily due to weather

And when it ask for a phone number

Whose do I give them

I get messages from the shelter

A prison of the streets

At night they lock the doors

The women and children scream

You learn to look away

Because you have learned that lesson

Never to be broken again ,Society is not the most cruel

My suffering is in the loss of spirit

When my fellow-man walks past me and looks away

When I am asked to move from the steps of the church

When the nighttime screams go unheard

I was once a good father

I was once a good soldier

I was once a good American

I was once a good man

Apparently in your opinion

I am no longer