Life can be overwhelming at times.  Hope fades on even the simplest of things.  Despair turns to depression which if not treated can lead to many bad things.  It does not take long for a person to reach a point where they feel hopeless and alone.  Even with loving family and friends around them life can just become too much to bear.  This scenario is happening everyday all around us and most people fail to see the signs.

Don’t let a friend down.

I watch
But I can’t do

I realize
But it’s too late

I have no feelings
But I hurt

I have no heart
But my heart aches

I want to move on
But I can’t move

Death is living everyday having given up what life has offered

The Natural Law of Life

The body must remain, when the heart says go

The Irony of Life and Death

I love you, but I don’t

To have a hole in your chest where your heart once was, but not bleed

I can’t dream
I am dying
I am dead