The power of love makes people do crazy things.  It makes sane, rational women live a life of utter denial.  I can change him.  He only gets this way when he gets upset.  Don’t make him angry, please for the love of God, don’t make him angry!  Abuse comes in many forms.  Hitting with words is just as bad as planting a fist.  But he is a good father.  The abuse does not stop with you.  It carries on with the children and to their children and to theirs.  At some point the abuse will end.  At this point you have a choice.

Next time, you might not

Why do my words shutter and my heart flutter whenever I see you

Why do my hands sweat and my eyes wet whenever we touch

Why do my lips grin and my loneliness end when you come my way

Why does my mouth dry and my dreams die when you walk away

How to speak clearly the words that my heart feels

How to display the affection that my heart holds

How to create a path of love from my heart to yours

How to sew up the heart left jagged by words

Passion overcomes the hurt and pain

Tears remain hidden deep by restraint

Sunglasses mask the beauty of your rage

But love makes its way back to my heart every day

I’m sorry dear it won’t happen again

Gives way to a another empty bottle of gin

Why couldn’t you love me the way I loved you

The long sleeve can no longer cover the bruise

At last the tears fall from your eyes

Too bad it took me having to die