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God watched as you rolled your eyes

I attend a phenomenally great church.  I love everyone there and we are one big happy family.  Like any family, we worry about each other and we have fun together.  Each day we are reminded of the blessings that God has given us in this church…………….Continue Reading

A Clearer View

What an awesome experience this last weekend was for not only our youth but for the adults as well. We went to a place in the world that most will never go, the slums of Ecuador. We did not actually travel to Ecuador rather we traveled to Lineville, Alabama to the S.I.F.A.T. (Servants in Faith and Technology) grounds for a 48 hour simulation of life in the slums of Ecuador. …… Continue Reading


I Had a Dream

I had a dream this weekend of a revival, a neighborhood revival. It was awesome. One of the children said some nasty things to an adult from the neighborhood and, as a neighborhood, we took action. We sat this child down and talked with her. Then we prayed with her. What started off as parents coming together to right a wrong turned into a prayer session in front of our home. Soon other neighbors came and joined in prayer. We prayed that God would come into this child’s heart and show them that although the color of skin was different, our hearts were all red. That they all beat ….. Click Photo to Continue Reading

Help Us Help Evan

Help Us Help Evan


Evan needs a permanant home.  We are trying to raise money to help with the legal cost of gaining full custody of Evan Stanley. Evan is our nephew and our hearts.  Please help us help him.
We are trying to raise money to help with the legal cost of gaining full custody of Evan Stanley.  Evan is our nephew.  We have had temporary custody of him for a little over a year and a half.  Evan was born on August 14, 2008 to my wife’s brother and at that time his girlfriend.  She is in and out of jail constantly for cocaine and he can’t handle the financial challenges associated with raising a child.
We know that when it comes time for our temporary custody to end in a few months his mother will fight for custody.  She has seen Evan a total of one time since February.  Granted part of that time she was in jail for violation of probation for once again failing out of rehab and using cocaine, but that does not matter to a four year old who wants his mommy.  It is truly a heartbreaking story.  Evan is our world.  In better times we would never be on here asking for help; however it is not better times.  We can’t afford to let Evan return to a drug filled life but we can’t do it without asking for your help.  We are asking for help in raising the needed funds in order to gain full custody of Evan.
Please know that all funds received will be used in this endeavor to help us facilitate gaining full custody of our little man and giving him the great life that he deserves.  Please donate today for Evan’s tomorrow by clicking on his picture and going to the donation link through Paypal.
Thank you so much for you help and may God bless you as he has us.

A New Season Begins

What a lovely weekend.  We spent our last Sunday service in our church building.  Our church is moving to a temporary location until our new building is built.  We transplanted two vehicle loads of flowers into our yard to babysit them until the new building is built.  Love our church, love our life, love our friends!

We are live!

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Finding her

Heartache and heartbreak are facts of life.  If you open your heart to love, you will get hurt at some point.  In the end however, love is the only way to live so we all should continue the quest to find our true love.

Never give up, never accept options.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Although writing is a passion of mine, I have never blogged before.  I hope that you enjoy the works and you can leave behind some comments of what you think.  God bless you all.

Earnest Lawrence

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