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All things in life can change unexpectedly.  Without notice you could lose your job, home, car, or family.  Some people move from relationship to relationship with little to no problems at all.  Others are not so lucky.  The pain and torment of losing a part of their life cannot be easily calmed.  The hurt runs so deep that the wounds never heal.  They keep hoping for a change that never comes.


Change happens in the blink of an eye


Love, a pain like no other

Taking a chance means making a cut
A small incision, just enough
To bleed out slowly, over time
Dying a slow death, but oh so painful
How bad can I be
How sad my existence
How grotesque are my feelings
That they would push her away
They all say they want compassion
Yet they go to the uncompassionate
They all say they want understanding
Yet they go to the ones who don’t understand
Maybe I’m not the alpha male
Because I cry, I am weak
Perhaps that is why
I show my feelings and it disturbs her
I have to hide my emotions
I have to become one of them
A man, just a man
Grrr, hear me roar
Is that the way to keep a woman
Is that what they want
Beat on my chest, don’t sing the song
Don’t write the poems
Don’t care until it’s too late
Get me a beer, do this, do that
I can’t be that person
I would rather be alone
I write better sad anyway
Waiting to see the future
Scared of being alone
Wondering how to love again
Rolling the dice with all of your chips on the table
Understanding the pain of guilt
Understanding the pain I’ve caused
I can help by staying away
I cry with just the thought
Pictures keep me company
Dreams keep me going
My dreams may end
My life a failure
My love unwanted
My words unread
My thoughts unwritten
My pen silent
My paper blank
My bed empty
I may go to sleep
I may not wake up
I may be alone
I am now
I think of her
I think of them
Missing something
Wanting something
Never fulfilled
Opportunities missed
Alone together in spite
I will love her forever
Regardless of how she feels
The pain of love will see me through
It will keep me going
Until I can go no more
As I rest my head for the final time
And as I blink the last blink
The moment my heart stops beating
Before my soul leaves this shell
I will see the light, and I will look back
I will see her, but she will not see me
I will love her, one last time
I will hold her, and cry
I will smell her, and remember
I will want her, in vain
I will need her, forever
I will set her free, and leave
No more tears, no more pain
I will finally sleep a good sleep
But I will never stop being me


A Soldiers Gift

A Soldier’s Gift

This poem is dedicated to all of the men and women who returned from Vietnam and Korea with horrible nightmares.  These heroes received little assistance with the mental issues that came about from losing their innocence in such brutal wars.  They came home to people who hated them for the simple fact that they chose to serve their country.  Our government ignored and at times even tried to cover up these issues.  We must never allow this kind of tragedy to take place again.  Our soldiers, our protectors deserve better.

God bless the heroes

Bedtime comes near and a tear starts to form
Brought on by a soul that is tattered and torn
For I know when I sleep, I’ll sweat and I’ll shake
And I will beg for mercy until I’m awake

I see clearly the trees, Bright green and wet
The mist will not allow me to enjoy this cigarette
This Lucky Strike cigarette helps protect me from Charlie
While I walk down this path that I know that he’s watching

A fatal gunshot to the left at a distance
It could be my buddies they must know that I’m missing
It wasn’t my fault, it was the middle of the night
On patrol in the jungle, amidst a firefight

Bullets were flying, so we all hit the ground
And when the firing was over, I got up and looked around
Not a soldier was out there, as far as I could see
It’s like they all ran away, and left Charlie and me

I reached for my Strikes, and I pulled out a blunt
That’s when I heard the sound of a grunt
And from out of the bushes, Charlie’s face I could see
But it seemed as though Charlie had not seen me

So I slowly eased down beside a big rock
I reached for my pistol and quietly cocked
All at once Charlie started laughing with zest
Standing there admiring the hole in my chest

That’s when I wake, my face soak and wet
Eyes filled with tears, sheets soaked with sweat
I look at my wife, and then turn away
And I pray to my maker, make the dreams go away

Greed in Grieving

Death knocks on all of our doors.  Some are made to answer sooner than others.  As the ones left behind we grieve for them, or do we?  We do grieve but it is because of our greed.  We want them, we need them, we miss them, so we grieve.  We are happy that they no longer are in pain or suffering.  We take solace in the fact that they knew God and are now singing in that great beyond.  They are with family and with friends, and we are happy.  Yet because of our greed,

we still cry.

From God’s Perspective

Do you really want to see things from God’s perspective


I sit and listen to people who I know that are God-loving Christians talk about people every day.  They talk about the homeless and how they are mostly just bums looking for a handout.  They talk of homosexuals as if they have the plaque.  They talk of the other skin colors.  They talk, they talk, they talk.  They act as if they know God’s way better than anyone.  They act as if salvation can only be for them and people just like them.  They forget that God walked the paths of the Jew.  They forget that God spoke with the Samaritan and the leper.  How many of them have ever walked up and actually talked to a beggar?  How many of them would set down on the side of the street and eat with a homeless family?  How many of them would offer their shoes to someone without shoes?  They choose which rules they follow.  They treat one sin as if it is less of a sin then the other.  They selectively choose their path to salvation while condemning others and leaving no way out for the rest of the sinners.  I believe in a God who loves.  I believe in a God that is compassionate.  I believe that God has a reason for everything that he does.  Finally I believe that every sinner enjoys the knowledge that there is a way home.  I would never want to have God’s perspective because I think that it is so much bigger than me or anyone else.  I trust in God.  I trust in his words in my heart.  I trust that I will never know where or what he has in store for me.

But I do know that where he leads I will follow


Do you really want to see things from God’s perspective

Do you really want to be Godlike even for a day

Would you cry

How angry would you be

How disgusted with this world and all of the hatred and turmoil

What would you say that could help

You would have the power to start all things over, would you

You must choose to help or not to intervene at all

Or is the chaos you’re doing, is that the intervention prayed for

You would know why things are, but could tell no one

You would see the youth questioning all of the rules and regulations

You would see the religions segregating and counting your angels for you

You would see the selective readings of your word put into place

You would see churches not welcoming the very people who you talked to

The Samaritans, the leper, the outcasts would never be welcome in their church

Worse than any of this you would see that this has become their church, not yours

You would see the bible, the word of you, as it has been retold

Would you be amused at the translations or saddened by the restrictions built-in

You would see the leaders of the church deciding the path to salvation

You would see them deciding who can even walk down that path

You would see that the restrictions on loving you has become a task and not a gift

Would you see the mega church and walk in wondering why

Why millions spent on bricks and mortar when you spread the word on the side of a hill

Why the suits when you told the gospel in a robe

Why the Starbucks or the Barista in the corner of the church

Why the pastor wears a Rolex and lives in a mansion

You did promise a mansion, but not on this earth

Why the bigotry when you showed everyone compassion

Why the hate when you taught us not to

Why we treat one sin worse than another

You would see the reasons behind such awful events

You would know why the baby was stillborn

You would see the fear in the old man’s eyes as death approaches

You would listen to the screams as the fire engulfs the family

Are you ready to see these things and know why they happened

Are you sure that you want to be all-knowing

Do you really want to see things from God’s perspective

I don’t

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