It is amazing how quickly things can change.  One minute everything is going great and the next you wonder how things could be so terribly wrong.  That’s life and fortunately we can’t change it.  We are forced to make decisions quickly or we lose.  That’s how the rich get rich and the poor stay poor.  Risk takers hedge everything on the moment.  Sometimes they win big, sometimes they fall flat.  However, if you don’t take the opportunity when it presents itself you have only yourself to blame.

It’s your move.

Both very complex, yet simple
Both victory is attainable
Both losing is a reality
Your opponent is the mind and calculations of another
You pray he makes a bad move
He does

Your move
With a simple Rook you take his King
Your opponent is the mind and calculations of oneself
You pray not to make a bad move
You do
You lose
With a simple decision you lose what means the most to you