A closing thought for the day:

Barry is back and there is nothing that I can do about it that I wouldn’t go to jail for, so I guess I am done.  Everyone says well my life didn’t change between yesterday and today so it’s all good.

There are a lot of things that I love about our country but there is one thing that I absolutely can’t stand, our short-term memory.  I am not referring to the okay it’s over move on kind of memory, but rather they killed over three thousand people kind of memory.  I already hear the, “He’s a bigot,” out there.  Well I hate to tell you, but I am not a bigot.  That would make things easier for you to explain to your kids, but that is just not true.  What we need to explain to our kids is that this is not a nice world.  It takes guns and planes, and tanks to keep the peace.  We need to explain to them that we don’t have a little security alarm pad to set each night when we go to sleep for the entire country.  Bad people exist and we better be prepared.  I hear a lot of talk about we should not have went into Iraq.  Have any of you ever seen a person, a child, a pregnant woman, a whole town wiped out with mustard gas?  How about two or three whole towns?  That is what that nice little guy Saddam Hussein was busy doing to his people over there while we went to work and church each week.  But that is ok, because it really had nothing to do with us.  His sons lived next to elementary schools and sent after small girls each day to satisfy their little whims, but our kids were safe so it’s all good.

As American’s we have a very short-term memory.  Because we don’t see things like markets getting rocketed every day, such as they see in Israel, it’s all good.  Because we don’t see the car bombs going off every day outside churches or mosques, it doesn’t matter.  Just because we weren’t there inside that embassy complex in Benghazi, no worries, they knew what a risk it was.  When parents of a fifteen year old girl in Pakistan kill their daughter with acid because she glanced at a boy on accident, not my kid, it’s okay.  Can you remember the hurt, the pain, the anger that you felt when the twin towers collapsed?  Can you remember how you felt seeing the shock and awe in Baghdad and when you saw the people pulling down Saddam’s statue down in the center of town?

Remember your exuberance last night when you found out Barry won.  Remember that in four years.  Remember that when you find out the true cost of free healthcare.  Remember that when you find out just exactly what he meant when he told the Russian ambassador, “Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election.”   Remember that when our military might is decimated and all of our troops are home looking for jobs that aren’t there.  The right to have a short-term memory is brought to you today by those of us who served in combat and those who served in peacetime.  Thank a vet, thank a service member.  Thank them as their benefits get cut and their jobs taken away.

Now go smoke your weed, go marry who and whatever you want, give the doctor’s permission to end your life, go and raise taxes on the wealthy, go and do it all.  I will stick with my values that I was raised with.  I will go to church and actually honor my God with my words and my actions.  I will not smoke dope even if it is legal.  Finally, I will remember that no one can get ahead if there is someone there constantly giving them everything in life.  So keep pushing for the welfare state.  Keep pushing for the free contraception, have wild crazy unadulterated sex without any worries.  That is what is being an American, well the new American, is all about.  Enjoy the newness of freedom and change.  But just keep in mind that short-term memory thing and the future costs that will forever be a part of your exuberance last night.  Congrats!

Peace Out