Strangled by the feelings of hurt and betrayal the body drives towards a cliff.  The mind is shattered and lays mangled in a pile along with love and trust.  Waves of emotions merge into hate and loathing.  Unable to steer away from the curve the guard rail becomes the only ally.  Just like that the ally steps aside.

Whose guard rail are you

As the pain deepens and the darkness falls over the eyes

The realization that tears no longer have any meaning

Anger and silence finally share common ground

Betrayal seems to be the hardest pill to swallow

For it means that the hope once there is lost

The guarantee of love has disappeared like the green of the grass

Without love there the heart too turns brown

Gone are the days when the mornings brought celebration

Replaced are the dreams by the only light you will see

The brightness of the day masks the darkness in the eyes

Now the magic shows can’t hide the illusions

Clarity becomes a fatal flaw that punishes daily

No longer will the wool be pulled over the eyes

Vulnerability has lost the battle with awareness

Hurt will no longer be available to others

Trust never enters the eyes, ears, or mouth

Shame has made impenetrable the skin others see

The augers bit shatters upon contact

Nothing is allowed to enter or allowed to leave

Love is a word outlawed and punishable by death

Useless and worthless is this loveless life

Numb, cold, compassionless, lonely

One Way, Do Not Enter, STOP