Reality, or not?  There seems to be a fine line between the worlds of reality and dreams.  She made my dreams come true, or did she simply fulfill her destiny in finding me.  Sometimes the two worlds combine and that is what makes it so hard to distinguish between the two.  Is de ja vu real or part of a combination of both?  Dreams seem to allow us a place to be ourselves.  They don’t lie.  Pay close attention to your dreams and find out just what kind of person you actually are.

What is a dream
Or what you perceive
As maybe a glance
A chance to see
Things that have passed
Things that will be
A vision to you
A nightmare to me
Open a door
Fall in a pit
Jump from a building
Is this really it
When do you wake
When do you dream
How can you tell
Is this in between

What is this now
Is it all just a lie
When you feel the pain
Is it real tears you cry
See if you can
I challenge you now
For if you can tell
Please tell me how
Now that you’ve read it
What does it mean
Are you really awake
Or is this just a dream