According to Obama we need to increase taxes.

Consider this, for every dollar that I make and spend Sales tax, Federal Income tax, State Income tax, Medicaid tax, and Social Security tax total 41.65% of my paycheck.  Now I also pay extra fees collected for Ad valorem taxes, property taxes,  Social responsibility rider, helping impoverished people have a cell phone, water treatment fees, gas company service fees, Interstate pipeline capacity charges, street lamp fees, Demand Side Management Residential Rider fee, Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery Rider fee, Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery Rider, Franchise Fee, Green Energy Fee, Ancillary service Fee, Dedicated Design Day Capacity (DDDC) charge, Peaking service fee, Pipeline replacement program, Environmental response cost, plus additional state and federal taxes collected on utilities.
Now the total of these additional fees does not account for a lot only approximately 24.23% per $100 spent on utilities.  Notice that this does not include phone service, internet service, insurance, mortgage, groceries, and incidentals.

So now I add 2.42% to the 41.65% to equal 44.07% of my income gone before I actually get to pay my bills. Of course if I am buying gas this goes to 47.07%.  So out of the 52 weeks of the year, I keep approximately 30 weeks of pay and the government gets 22 weeks of my pay.   Due to the current tax structure my taxes literally eat up everything that I make after July.

How much more am I supposed to give?

Over 47% of the people in the US do not pay any income taxes at all.  I simply ask that everyone pay an equal percentage of their income and quit relying on others people money to keep this country afloat.