When your surroundings bring to life the past you get a chill.  Sometimes you cry.  Sometimes you laugh.  However the feelings are real and the reasons for the feelings couldn’t come at a worse time.

The heart remembers


The leaves fall around me and I cry

Their sharp edges cut my skin

The birds taunt

Singing your words

Piercing my chest

Digging for remnants

With their sharp beaks

Painful reminders

The cruelty of goodbye

On a day like today

When the air was cold

But your words were fire

My heart over the pit

Revolving on the skewer

Skillfully carved

To be scattered amongst the heap

Served to the carnivores

The bottom feeders

Mustering the courage to gather

Piecing back together

Mending the un-mendable

Missing pieces

As the birds gorge

And the cold wind blows

The tears fall

Once more