A women’s right to choose is just that, a right to choose.

I agree whole heartedly that women should control their own bodies.  The reproductive rights of women should be left up to them and them alone.  No means no.  If they don’t want to risk getting pregnant, then they should not have unprotected sex.  If they don’t want children then it is in their control, it only happens one way.

Ladies, you are in control and I have not heard Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan say anything to the contrary.  I have never heard either of them say that they would overturn Roe V Wade, they couldn’t even if they wanted to.  I have heard them state their beliefs that life is life. So are we to hate them for believing that God created life and that it should not be taken for granted?  What I hear from them is for people to take personal responsibility for themselves and their own actions.  I tend to agree with them on this point.

I, however, should not have to pay for on the fly abortions.  I should not have to pay for someone to not have to worry about having sex on a whim.  I should not be the one to afford someone protection for their willingness to put themselves in a position to get pregnant.  If they want to be in that position then that is a personal choice and calls for personal responsibility.   I support the same provisions as most people that there are exceptions to everything.  Rape, Incest, and the life of the mother are areas out of the control of women and that these actions were not caused by the choice of the women.

I am prepared for the backlash of hate that will flow from this posting, however this is my opinion.  I do solicit comments and answers as to why anyone thinks that they are entitled to free contraception, when they already have it; it’s called self-control and is free.  I also want to hear back as to why one penny of mine should go towards ending a life just because the person carrying the child decides that she just doesn’t want to go through with what she started?  I am not absolving the fathers of these children either.  They are just as much at fault, however, they cannot become pregnant.  They do not control these women’s bodies.

Peace out