Death knocks on all of our doors.  Some are made to answer sooner than others.  As the ones left behind we grieve for them, or do we?  We do grieve but it is because of our greed.  We want them, we need them, we miss them, so we grieve.  We are happy that they no longer are in pain or suffering.  We take solace in the fact that they knew God and are now singing in that great beyond.  They are with family and with friends, and we are happy.  Yet because of our greed,

we still cry.

dads bench 1

The pain is gone, for you

The pain has just started, for me

Your pain was physical

Mine is mental

Your life is over, on earth

My life is not

You are now in heaven

I am envious

You no longer breathe

Now I take short labored breaths

No more tears for you

A steady stream for me

You are now simply memories

I will treasure them

You will never be forgotten

I will make sure of that

With my greedy tears

And my greedy ways

I will love you all my days

My children and grandchildren

Will know your name

For you were one

One of the greats

A reason for grief

You deserve it

You earned it

Enjoy your forever

Enjoy our father

Wear your wings proudly

Raise your voice loudly

I am greedy

I am needy

I will miss you