Pain flows through the hearts of couples from time to time in life.  This pain can become so strong that it can deteriorate the relationship.  It takes more strength to acknowledge the issues then to bury them and move on.

Absorb the pain of the one that you love

A glistening trail from heaven
The world mourns with her
Sorrow overcomes us all
A blue feeling from within
A feeling of guilt and shame
A place we never want to be
A look we never want to see
We see her face and we want to hold her
We want to make it better
We need her to be happy again
We want for her to be happy
We need her happy
Feeling her pain
We would take it all
Causing the pain would kill us
We see her smile and it brightens our day
We see the sun shine on her and we smile
We see the tears well up
We feel the release of anger and frustration
We know the words she speaks
We hope they are not from the heart
Yet we understand why they are
We share the emotions she feels
To close the door to the hurt
To take away the pain
To ease the pressures of the day
A goal, a quest, a journey
Have you ever seen an angel cry
I have, and I cried with her