I am in quite a conundrum.  I hired, what I thought to be a well-qualified gentleman for a job in management.  We went through a lengthy interview process to make sure that we had the right guy for the job.  Being a Sr. Manager is a very tough and a demanding position.  The stress of this position is unimaginable for most people.  This guy was so cool, calm, and collective that he left little doubts as to his ability to make tough decisions when need be.  During the interview process we were all convinced that he would be able to work well with the other managers from the different departments to make things happen and improve the outlook for our company.  He guaranteed us through his oratory skills that he was the man for the job.  There were doubts on all sides but the general consensus was to give the guy a shot.

Well things haven’t worked out so well.  From day one he has ignored half of the other managers because they don’t fit his mold of what a manager should be.  He has used the other half to push things through the company that would, under any normal circumstance, be turned down by all.  During this time our profits have declined to the lowest in history.  Our assets have dwindled and our liabilities have skyrocketed.  We are now on the edge of bankruptcy and wondering what to do.  The morale of the company is also at an all-time low.  You would think that in a crisis like this we would reduce the size of our workforce but no, he has increased our company size as well as found ways to single handedly unhinge the fabric and framework that our company founders started so long ago.  Company policies and procedures seem to be stepping stones and are no longer checkpoints to ensure that the company remains protected.

Our overseas ventures have taken a very hard hit also.  When he came on he was sent overseas to retain our backers and look for other areas that we could expand our business model.  During this trip we found him downing our company and praising our competition.  This was the first sign of a bad choice.  Since then we have lost some of our most staunch backers and inflated the pockets of our biggest competitor.  We have actually had people attack our operations overseas.  We do operate in some rough areas, but that is what our business requires.  After the latest rounds of attacks he told us that someone who worked in a plant back here in the states had put out some derogatory information about someone over there on the internet.  It turns out that that was actually not what happened at all.  These were the same hooligans that had been defacing our offices all across the area.

My dilemma is that this guy is a salesman.  He is sharp, steady, and more than able to do the job.  His problem seems to be focus.  When I say focus I mean that he is always off tasks but the tasks that he is focused on he delivers.  Unfortunately those tasks only seem to get us into the red further each time.  He is a nice guy with a great family.   Our shareholders are evenly split on booting this guy or giving him another chance.  How can I convince half of the shareholders to just look at reality and to judge this person strictly on his record and not on an interview and promises that he never lived up to?

Your help would be much appreciated.