One day you are on top of the world.  Your family was happy, healthy, and living the middle class dream.  Then things that you have no control over turn your world upside down.  You had a little in 401k, a few little investments, and had just bought my dream house.  America seemed to die a little that year and now we are in the ICU on life support.

I miss my America

To sleep under a starry sky

It used to be a dream

Now it’s a nightmare with no end

To listen to the sounds of the night

The crickets and the toads lulled you to sleep

Now the horns and the screams keep you awake

The cookouts once with family and friends

Homemade and cooked over a fire

Now our meals come from a diners recycle bin

The animals cries were haunting back then

Those sounds you just couldn’t explain

Now they  are fighting over the vent again

To sleep in warmth of the blankets

Sleeping bags all warm and cozy

A life replaced by the plastic bags and cardboard

Worried about the predators

Once thought to be wolves and bears

Are pimps and dealers who prey on the weak

I’ve gone from watching my children sleep

Closing the door and whispering good night

To listening to their stomachs grumble as I hold them tight

To go home after the weekend

Resume the normalcy of life

Knowing the weekend never ends and nothing is normal

Back to a the daily grind of a job

Like anyone would ever hire me

I can’t wait to get back and get out of these clothes

However, these are the only clothes that I own

To watch my children play with their toys

Doesn’t mean as much as watching them eat

The shelters will keep you warm and safe

By putting you in a cage with the animals

When the lights go out and no one can see

Screaming and crying all around

I’ll take the streets anytime

Whatever it takes to care for my kids

They say it’s improving

They say that it’s better

I keep hoping

They said we were in for a change

Unfortunately they were right

I miss my life

I miss my job

I miss my America

Hope and Change