Watching a child sleep makes a parent’s heart melt.  There is no better time in life other than that very moment.  The innocence in their face and the softness of their skin is so amazing.  Children remind us that there is a God and he is good.  Build the relationships from an early age and let them grow and blossom into beautiful things.

Admire your children.

I admire you
As you sleep beside me
Your well defined muscles
Your beautiful blonde hair

I have only known you for a short time
But you are my world
Things that we will do together
Friends and family I will introduce you to

Through happy times
Through sad times
I will be your rock
Knowing that one day, I will need to lean on you

Lending a hand as you get dressed
Washing your back and drying you off
Doing things, that soon, you will not let me
Waiting patiently to show you new things

Time changes relationships
I know that time will change ours
I pray for your love and respect
I ask for your help as I grow old

You are my child
And I admire you