We were so young and so out of touch.  Remember the words,”You are to young?”  How about, “It’ll never last!”  How about, “There’s no talking to you!”  I remember them.  Oh the nay-sayers were out in full force.  Well to all of the nay-sayers do you remember me sayin,

“I don’t care!  I love her!”

I remember the day that you opened my eyes to beauty.

You had no clue that I even noticed.

You did not see my knees buckle.

You did not see me swoon.

You did not know that you changed my life.

But I did.

All without touching.

All without talking.

All without even knowing.

All along I was dreaming.

All the while you knew nothing.

But I did.

I remember asking you out.

I remember our dates.

I remember the look in your eyes.

I remember the anxiousness of waiting.

I can’t remember mustering the courage.

But I did.

I remember the day that you opened my eyes to beauty.

I am reminded of it every day.

Everyone said six months at the most.

No one knew the depth of our love.

No one expected this many years.

But I did.