I Dreamed Last Night

One day you wake up and they are gone.  All of your life having spent every day since you were children enjoying each other’s company.  Now, out of the blue, you are alone.  At night all you think of is them.  Going to sleep makes life normal again and you hate waking up.  Words can’t describe the joy you get by closing your eyes.  Days and nights blend together and you are lost as to the time of day that it actually is.  All you can do is try and get back to sleep.
But when you awake you find that it was never real to begin with.

I dreamed of our house last night
Your pictures were everywhere
A dog bowl in the kitchen
A Jack Russell running amuck
A large green sofa with pillows galore
A spiral staircase to the room on the left
White French doors, the pearly gates

I dreamed of our love last night
A four-poster bed, pillows stacked high
The comforter lying tossed in the floor
A ceiling fan spinning perfume
Clothes clearly tossed through the air
Talking, whispering, laughing
The ten minute rule

I dreamed of our life last night
Our children playing with their toys
Laying behind you on the couch
Watching you while you sleep
Thanksgiving and Christmas, family day
Saturday in the park, the dog, the kids
Sunday at you moms, we watched the sun go down

I dreamed of you last night
Your soft hair blowing in the breeze
Your smile, while you lay in my lap
Your sigh when I touched your face
I watched you put on your make-up
Filling your tub with bubbles and rose pedals
Drying you off to take you to bed

I dreamed of us last night
Holding hands and holding hearts
A stare from across the room
My pinky on the outside
You kissing my smile
My fingers messing your hair
A long kiss, a long stare

I dreamed
I dreamed

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