I had a dream this weekend of a revival, a neighborhood revival.  It was awesome.  One of the children said some nasty things to an adult from the neighborhood and, as a neighborhood, we took action.  We sat this child down and talked with her.  Then we prayed with her.  What started off as parents coming together to right a wrong turned into a prayer session in front of our home.  Soon other neighbors came and joined in prayer.  We prayed that God would come into this child’s heart and show them that although the color of skin was different, our hearts were all red.  That they all beat the same color blood that ran down Jesus’s face and body as he hung upon that cross.  That our tears are all as crystal clear as God’s love for us.  We prayed that she could see without her eyes.  We prayed that she could see that when we close our eyes and open our hearts that there is no color in the hand that holds hers and that prays with her.  We prayed as Adam and Eve did that God take our sight.  That God give us the gift of innocence and naivety.  We soon had a full-scale revival going on in our neighborhood.  It was standing room only with our arms in the air and knees on the ground.  People were praying to Allah, to God, to Buddha, and some just holding hands in solidarity.  We knew that as a community, as a neighborhood, that we could not allow evil to enter.  We knew that as a neighborhood, as a community, it was our job to teach the young and to show them a way to happiness.  We knew that children will find a way, they always do.  We understood that without the proper guidance that these children would be shown a way that was evil, hurtful, and without true love and compassion.  We knelt together as friends not as Baptists, or as Muslims, or as Catholics, but as parents and friends.  We stood together to tell evil, “You are NOT welcome here!”

Yes, I had a dream this weekend.  I pray to the almighty God that my dream will come true!