As a father many times you want to stop your child from making mistakes, but you can’t.  Many times you do not know of the problem until after it is too late.  It is at these times when a father must forget all of his emotions and focus on the healing of his child.

A shoulder could be the answer

I talked to her for hours on end
Trying to set her straight
On the ways of this particular man
Before her heart would break

The story that she told had been heard before
A lie from within she lived
A woman longing for a love
A man unwilling to give

He traded rings with someone else
Twenty years ago
A promise made that he can’t break
A wife that doesn’t know

It’s not his fault that he must cheat
The love they once had is gone
Just give him some time and he’ll be yours
Unless all of his promises are wrong

Her story ends the way it began
A young woman with tears in her eyes
She tells me she loves him and holds me tight
Then my daughter began to cry