Believe what I believe!  You are not tolerant!  You should listen to me!  People today are very polarized in their beliefs.  There seems to be no gray areas only black and white.  If you disagree with someone you are a bigot, a racist, intolerant, or just insensitive.  Take a step back and analyze your own words.  Sometimes the mirror of life can really show you the truth.

Is it me, really?

Why am I wrong

Because I do not agree

My values do not matter

In your eyes

I must give in

Or I am wrong

I do not admonish

I am tolerant

I do not judge

Yet I am wrong

I can’t support you

Because of my beliefs

And in your eyes

I am wrong

I am your friend

I think differently

I care for you

I do not agree

So I am wrong

Maybe I am

Or maybe it’s you

Pushing your will

And judging others

But I am wrong

Open your eyes

Look straight ahead

Mirrors can blind

Yes there is hate

Yet I am wrong