Relationships are between two people.  There is equal sharing of roles and responsibilities.  Friendships carry the same requirement as to sharing of roles and responsibilities but not the quantity of people.  You can have many friends and must maintain a personal relationship with each one.  However one relationship trumps all and requires the sharing of two hearts.  True love blends the hearts and emotions of two individuals into one.

It is a union of souls.

Most qualities of life are attained through individual acts:

Age: Determined by the actions and feelings of the individual
Beauty: Determined by the perception of each individual

Intelligence: Determined by a test taken by the individual
Wealth: Comes from the individual working hard to attain a certain amount of money

Happiness: Comes from the feelings within the individual
Love: Love is determined by instinct, we love our family, our children, our friends

One quality stands out from the rest.

It is only attained by the actions of two individuals:

True Love: The melting of emotions, the rush that comes over both when their eyes meet, and the
ability to fit together.  The feeling of two hands coming together and fitting perfectly, her pinky
on the inside and his on the outside.  The simple cupping of two hands, not rehearsed, just natural.

It takes two people to perfect true love.
To make the most of what love can be.

It’s just natural.

It just takes two.