Lacking Translation

Sometimes the words just don’t come out right.  Sometimes the feelings just can’t be expressed.  The words seem to rest gingerly on the crest of your pen yet never make it to the ink and the paper.  We want to say it but when we try it all comes out wrong.

Sometimes the translation is just understood

A language barrier exists between my heart and my hand

I would like to be able to write so that you understand my feelings

My thoughts are so clear in my head but the translation to pen fails

The ink blurs the images and sounds that my mind envisions

The words never seem to match the beauty that you deserve

I’m afraid that my words will never climb the ladder to your heart

That they may never encourage the response that I long for

Passion and want turns to fear and to neediness

Expressions of rhythm and timing look like awkward stick figures

Drawn on a canvas jagged yet without form

Letters seem to jumble as though I were tongue-tied in ink

I can offer my words through stillness and in silence

I can offer my words with a gazes between our souls

I can share my feelings through a kiss on your neck

I can solicit a response through the fog of a moan

My pen can’t see the beauty that I have found in your love

The translations are lacking from my heart to my hand

But with one touch of our lips, we both understand

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