A vast emptiness abounds beyond the light.  After the dust settles the view changes.  The road ahead is dark and untraveled.  There is a stench in the air that cannot be described.  It is the odor of death.  Death at times seems to be the answer that would make all of the roads come together.  In actuality death is like an earthquake that tears the roads apart.  Death leaves a blank spot on the hearts of many.

Love can have the same destructive powers

I’ve cried a thousand tears today
And still can’t tell you why
My heart’s no longer there to break
I feel like I have died
Holding to a glimmer of hope
Seems the only way
To keep the eyelids open
If just for one more day
Although the air is gone now
And silent is the wind
The sun is setting lower
My thoughts I’d like to send
Hold me in your heart dear
Forgive me of my ways
Remember how you loved me
On our special days
Remember the smile that lit the world
Each time you looked at me
Although we could not tell it
The entire world could see
Learning from each other
Things others do not know
Sharing inner demons
A glimpse into our souls
Thoughts of future happiness
Thrown into the fire
Along with all I live for
An ember of desire
The fire can’t live without the air
So blow a kiss my way
And keep the fire burning
At least for one more day
Please don’t let the ember die
My life depends on you
But if the flame should die my dear
My last thoughts will be of you
The smiles, the tears, the kisses, the fears
Our hour in heaven one day
The smell, the hair, and the way we shared
My thoughts as I drift away