After coming home from a war a soldier has so many bad memories going through their minds.  It is hard for them to put these painful memories to rest.  Most find it difficult to talk about the dreams that constantly enter their minds when their eyes close each night.  They have a feeling that they are somehow weak because they cannot control their own mind.  The hurt continues long after the fighting ends.

For the wives that suffer along with them.

Little drops of water, oval and clear
But the thought of just one, will make the biggest man fear
The loss of virility, it takes away his strength
It leaves his mind empty, unable to think

Little drops of water, so small and serene
Shows a semblance of caring, but he’s just to mean
He doesn’t show emotion, not like she can
If he shows emotions, he’s no longer a man

Little drops of water, that’s all that they are
But by the way that he acts, you would think they left scars
In his mind they do, and the pain runs deep
And the only time you’ll see one, is when she’s asleep

Little drops of water, so simple and pure
He says that he’s hurting, she says it’s a cure
She tries to understand, what it is that he fears
Then just holds him tight, as he fights back the tears

Little drops of water, they burn him like fire
She tries to wake him, with love and desire
She will hold him close, as he shakes and he screams
Until finally he wakes, from the devil’s dreams

Little drops of water
Not so pure
Not so clean