Everyone has, or will, lose someone who they love in their life.  So hard is the pain that loss brings to our hearts.  Memories remain and questions linger for a very long time.  Setting by a fireplace just watching the embers and a tear starts to form.  Walking past the pool at the end of the day and all is quiet and you remember a Saturday in the past when the love was abundant and laughter surrounded you in that very spot.  Gifts from the past are stored in our minds to remind us of what love is and how good it feels.  Unfortunately it also reminds us of the pain that same love can cause.

Quiet nights
By the pool
By the fireplace
We shared

Alone at night
Long walks
Deep talk
We shared

Your sisters health
Your grandmothers death
Sadness felt
We share

A pillow
A bed
Our hearts
We shared

A big lie
A long cry
A sad goodbye
We shared

Our lives
Our children
Growing old together

Forever lost