Finding solace and comfort in the loss of a loved one is difficult at best,  Your life, your world, is gone.  How can that hole ever be filled?  There is not a single person who could ever make you feel the way that they did.  The cruelty of love is that in the end it will hurt you.  It will rip at your soul and make you feel worthless and unwanted.  It makes you question your will to live.  Then love comes back into your life and reminds you once again how special life is, and how special you are.

I hold her close
And then I wake
It’s been three years
Since I’ve seen her face

Every day that passes by
Her memory wants to fade
But I will never allow the time
To steal the love we made

I can always see her beauty
When I look around this room
The things that she left remind me
Of the day my life was doomed

The post of my bed remind me
Of the color of her hair
And her arms they are my blanket
And I feel her warmth in there

Her eyes they are my mirror
Gazing gently down at me
For every time I look
I can see her next to me

Every time I look around
Her beauty is all I see
And I pray to God everyday
Please bring her back to me

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