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My Time of Peace

All things must die.  However all things have the opportunity to live forever.  Death is but a gateway to memories and monumental discoveries.  It is hard to let go but just imagine the joy that your loved one is experiencing.  Life is short but an eternity with the ones that you love in the arms of God is going to be amazing.  That will be,

my time of peace.

I feel you when I sleep

With your arms around me

You are with me in my dreams

Telling me it is time to go

I want so much not to hear your voice

Yet your voice is so enchanting

The whispers tell a story of hope

Of love and happiness to last forever

No more pain is the promise

But the pain of life is why I live

I want the pressures, I want the surprises


I’ll hold your hand as I go beyond

Your love forever in my heart

My heart forever in your hands

I will watch you from afar

My memories will fill the void

But my memories will fade

They will be overtaken by the present

And you will grieve again

But do not grieve for lost moments

For when you see me again

They will play across the skies


So there is no need for sorrow

And tears should be of joy

You will see me in the morrow

And I will be with you each day

Until then enjoy your days

Wipe your tears and smile

For it is now my time to sing

My time for reunions

My time to praise our father

My time to rejoice in homecoming

My time of peace

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