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When my father passed away at such a young age I was devastated.  He had several strokes years before and had just worn himself out.  He was ready to go home to be with God.  I found out about him losing his battle here on earth as I disembarked from a cruise that I had taken with my wife.  I got a call in the port that told me his life was coming to an end.  I did not make it home in time to say goodbye.  However every visit before that I would kiss him and tell him that I loved him.  We would talk and we would laugh.  My daddy knew how much I loved him and I knew how much he loved me.

I had written this after the death of my father in 2008.   After rereading it I realized that this could actually help others the way that it helped me.  I hope that it does.

There are no regrets here

I do not grieve for the dead and departed
I grieve for the conversations never started
I grieve for the missed hugs and missed kisses
For the family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas
I grieve for the advice that will never be shared
From the lips of an angel who always cared
I grieve for the stories that will never be told
And for the tender hand I am unable to hold
I grieve for the longing deep within my soul
The rush of emotions trying to fill the hole
I grieve not that they have gone home
To be with our love ones already passed on
I do not grieve because they have died
Because I know that they are by God’s side

No I do not grieve for the dead and departed
I grieve for me, the broken-hearted