Descriptions can be evasive and misinforming when talking to another about the same thing.  The way that we describe something is how we see it, not how others might see it.  This happens when we try and tell a person how we are feeling towards them.  I describe love, you see like.  I describe pain, you see reluctance.

Tell me what I want to hear! 

I see the lines in such detail I can make out the shapes and curves

Some lines are so dominate that they stand out from the rest

And the patterns are unique to this view

Smooth on parts with rough patches in the worn areas

A patch of gold thin and uninspiring

Comparing two is easy with experience

The same but opposite No distinctive patterns

Totally different features

Very smooth with no worn areas

Hard flat surfaces clear and uniform

Bulges of blue like roadmaps with ridges

The gold is large with shiny clear stones

Fine hair like stalks protrude from different areas

Both sides are completely different

Both sides are from the same hand

Love or Like?