The streets are filled with them.  They are not there by choice.  They ask for help and the words fall on deaf ears.  They reach out and we pull back as if a disease will jump from them to us.  Our eyes burn at the mere thought of looking into their eyes, so we don’t.  Beggars, homeless, and helpless is what they are called.  They did not ask to be there.

Who would help you 

Soulless eyes can’t look

They can’t see the tears

They can’t see the desperation

They can’t see the tattered clothes

They can’t see the predators

They can’t see the scars

Deaf ears can’t hear

They can’t hear the empty stomachs

They can’t hear the cries

They can’t hear the frustration

They can’t hear the begging

They can’t hear the footsteps

Germless hands can’t touch

They throw away their food

They discard their old clothes

They can’t afford to help

They can’t hold a hand

They can’t shield them

Society has pushed them down

They turn to trades of the streets

They steal for lack of money

They beg as you walk by

They look down in shame

They disappear and no one notices

Who are they

They are children

They are women

They are men

They are neighbors

They are family

Without your help

They are hopeless