Standing at the bar just observing the crowd and you see someone who catches your attention.  You think about going over and talking to them.  Just then you see them talking to another person so you continue to scan the bar, on the prowl.  As you leave the club in the wee hours of the morning they once again catch your eye as they get into their car.

This time they looked back.

50 – 50
60 – 40
8 – 1

What are the odds
Is there one special person for everyone

What are the odds
How do you know
Who do you blame
Can you live with it

You finally find her
But the ties that hold you to your life are wrapped around your neck
If you move your dead

Is it worth it
How do you know
Who do you blame
Live with it

The odds are dropping
Think fast
What will it be
Too late

She’s gone
It’s over
Odds are

You’ll never know