Does this flag offend you?


Many people fly the Confederate flag as a symbol of their past. Some people fly the flag simply because they live in the south and the flag to them symbolizes southern pride. Others fly the flag as a symbol of their southern heritage.

Flags can stand for other things but the main one that rears it’s ugly head with the Confederate flag is that of slavery. Although slavery was common in all parts of the United States in the 1800’s it was more prevalent in the south. When the war between the states took place it was fought over states rights versus federal rights. However a side effect of the war came with the abolition of slavery. Many people see this flag as a flag of hate because of the slavery in the south only forgetting that at the same time slavery was common throughout the states.

However, we need to remember where most slaves came from then and now. Slavery has and still is a huge economic part of the African culture. Today the slave trade in Africa by Africans is still thriving. Slaves came from England and Europe. There were white slaves as well as colored.

Slavery then and now promotes the destruction of culture, language, religion and human possibility. Slavery should never be condoned or tolerated in any way. Prison terms and penalties for those involved should be set to a maximum level and enforced with the most severe punishment. The African governments are so fractured and corrupt that there is little they can do to stop or curtail the slave trade. Most countries in Africa willfully turn a blind eye to the slave trade in general. More modern societies now have laws forbidding slavery however the punishment is still light and needs to be ratcheted up in order to deter human traffickers and traders.

Many countries in Africa and other parts of the world are still home to many types of slavery such as domestic, chattel, military, pawnship, and sacrificial slavery. Britain has made the headlines many times recently for people being held for domestic slavery. Most countries have a very sordid underbelly that runs slavery in prostitution rings. This happens here in the United States as well.

So remember that when you stand in a rally with someone make sure that the people who you are standing with represent your values and morals. From young to old we need to teach our babies that hate is wrong no matter what the circumstance. We need to teach them that tolerance is the mainstay of a great society. Teach them not to judge. Don’t just teach them with words, teach them with actions. Show them the world can be a great place and that people are by nature good. Teach them not to be offended by such things as a flag. Flags have never hurt anyone and that the bearer of the flag has not to prove his good nature but his good nature must be assumed until he disproves it.

People that fly the Confederate flag for hate are no different from those that fly the American flag upside down, or those who burn the American flag. They are all fueled by a desire to disrupt and cause hate and discontent. We must not allow them to dictate ours or our children’s lives. We must be strong, we must be brave, and we must stand above the ignorance of hate.

So before you fly another flag please remember that even the flags of the United States has some form of sordid history and hate woven into the fabric of the material. Whether you fly a Jamaican, any African, Puerto Rican, Confederate, or any other flag remember that many people fly many flags for different reasons, don’t assume that the only reason a flag is flying is for hate.