There is no doubt in my mind that racism still exists. However one needs to be careful calling someone else a racist. Ask yourself whether it is racism or ignorance? There is a difference. When someone says those blasted Muslims, or all those black people, those whites, those anything of the sort, then they are racist. Regardless of color, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other “qualifying” status that they have there is no excuse to use that type of language. When you sit on the sidelines and condemn one group of people over another then “you” are a racist bigot. So next time you want to call someone a racist ask yourself, “Have I ever said “those” people? Have I ever judged a whole race or religion because of a few intolerable people in that group?”


Racism only grows when people teach it. From the white idiots to the black idiots who teach their children to hate is how racism grows. From people who get paid to introduce hate and race into situations that race was never a factor in, to those that such actions simply feed their egos. The reason why ISIS is growing so fast in all countries is due to hate mongering. That is the same reason why race will forever be a part of our country and culture.

People from all sides make livings off of hate. Instead of worrying about yourself and your children and trying to find a way out and up, people fall into the socio-economic trap of relying on handouts. These handouts keep the poor man down and the rich man up. Please don’t take what I say as, “Oh, he wants to do away with all of the social programs,” no he doesn’t. What I want is for people who need help to get help. I do not want people who are to lazy to get help. Racism is bred and taught by people as an excuse for their situation. Racism should never be a crutch. Ask for help to get away from bad situations. People need to take responsibility for their own selves and quit blaming everyone else for their situation.

I grew up in a very poor, very violent at times situation. My siblings and I had to overcome a lot during the last forty plus years but we did just that. We ask each other for help, and we help each other when we can. I keep a very diverse and a very mixed bag of very good friends from Hispanic, Black, White, Peruvian, African, straight, homosexual, bisexual, older, and younger friends. I don’t place check marks on my list of friends but they come about being my friends because none of us show any type of bias towards anyone else. We all refuse to associate with people who constantly belittle other races, nationalities, sexes, people with a different view then us, or any other “qualifying” reason. Maybe if the ones who preach racism start associating with the ones they are calling racists all of the time then maybe, just maybe this world might be a better place to live.

Just Sayin