Giving up on a love sent from heaven makes no sense at all, but sometimes it is not of your choosing.  Fate can be mean and cruel.  It makes you question your existence and if you will ever find someone that you will be able to hold onto.  Why do they always choose the other route?  Your paths had crossed and sparks flew, but fate stepped in and opened your eyes to reality.  Reality trumps in a sensible mind most of the time.

What is meant to be will be.

A final goodbye is now being said
I feel the best part of life is now dead
I can understand, although the pain is still there
Life now turning to uncertainty and despair
There is safety in staying, I know that is why
The answer was made, the reason I cry
I’ll have to let go, although I don’t know how
Head held high, hands on the plow
Keep turning the dirt, planting the seeds
Trying to find an orchid in the weeds
There’s only one out there, so keep a good eye
And maybe I’ll find one, if God feels it’s right
I’ve asked for forgiveness, in all that I’ve done
I know that he gave it, because of his son
Tough choices are handled, in one of two ways
Both choices are cruel, both leave you afraid
How long do you beg, to the ones that you chose
How long for the hole in your heart to close
To forgive you for someone God put in your heart
I can’t ask for that which he made the start
A soulmate is chosen, at the dawning of time
You have but a lifetime, in order to find
A mirror of you exist but one place
You’ll know it the moment you look at their face
Kissing a neck, just out of the blue
Is God’s way of saying, I’ve brought them to you
Giving it up means living through hell
Casting your chances, to the bottom of the well
Life will return to the manner it was
Missing that something, hoping because
Seeing that look at the end of the day
Saying I am still watching, you best be afraid
Will the feelings of distrust ever end
The glaring looks the evenings send
Will you just exist, and be happy with that
I will not fault you, I will not look back
I’ll pray for your family, and I’ll pray for you
And although not deserving, please pray for me too

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