What moments in time mean the most to you?  People use the term of something being the most important moment in their life but what if it isn’t?  What if later in life something else happens that makes that first moment seem insignificant?  Hasty decisions bring about bad judgment.  Although life is short, there is plenty of time to reflect on what the best times were.  Savor every moment as if it is the last.  Each day you should make a point of adding something to your stained glass.  A rose from out of the blue, not because it is a special occasion but because they are a special person.

Fill your mansion with memories.

Stained glass shows the scenes of the past
Love is seen in the faces of the figures
Eternal peace glowing in their eyes
Time frozen for all to share
If life could stand still for a moment in time
Which moment do you choose
How would you know when then is now
A child’s birth, riding a bike, prom
That first word, the first steps
Your first date, that first kiss
What would happen later in life
You find another moment
But you have already used your time
How do you capture and recall that moment
Is it just a memory at that point
Or a part of your destiny to relive over and over