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The Traitor

The Traitor

Regardless of your views of the President, you are now in more danger than you have ever been in your life! Starting on May 31, 2014 Americans are now known the world over as hostages. We are now the bargaining chip for terrorists around the world.

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A Price to Pay

There is a price to pay for being free. No big brother is not listening to your phone calls or reading your emails. Big brother is not watching you look at Facebook or surf the internet, big brother doesn’t care what you look on the internet. There is no camera over your shoulder watching you live your day-to-day lives. However, we task our government to keep us safe and that is a tall order to fill. We must be willing to give them the tools to do their job. If we are not willing to give them the tools to thwart terrorist activities here and abroad then we can’t complain when things like the Boston bombing or the attacks on the World Trade Center happen. We cannot complain when our neighbor is planning on blowing up our children’s elementary school and no one catches them before it happens. Yes there is a price for safety and there is a price for being free.

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