Is there a buck and if so, where does it stop?  Who are we, as Americas, to question the President and his minions?  His smug demeanor and the inexcusable blaming of others has stepped beyond Chicago and now has corrupted the most corrupted city we have, Washington DC.  How dare we question his leadership, how dare we question his ethics and policies, oh the audacity of the American people!


In a world lacking of personal responsibility, our Commander and Chief is setting a shining example of avoiding responsibility.  With so much going on in our country the only thing that he seems to want to take credit for is his golf score.  The era of Chicago politics has completely enveloped Washington DC.

During a time of countless scandals we have Senators and Congressmen telling citizens that it is their fault that they are being discriminated against by the EPA, the IRS, and the Justice Department.  We have a state department that refuses to tell the American people why our people in Benghazi were killed.  Now the State Department Executive that fed the American people the lie of a spontaneous demonstration is now being promoted to National Security Advisor.  Really, someone who doesn’t know the difference between a terrorist attack and a demonstration is now a Nation Security Advisor to the President?  The only person who said not to feed the lie of the demonstration was all of a sudden investigated by the FBI and found to be in an affair.  I guess you better be careful who you say no to in the White House.  The administration took over two years to release just a handful of select documents only after some were leaked.  Then they went after the news organizations that covered the leaks.

The EPA chooses who to fine and who to give waivers to based strictly on the groups political motivations.  If you are a green group you get up to ninety percent of your requests approved and fees waived.  If you are a conservative group or “non-green” group then ninety percent of your requests are denied and fee waivers declined.  Oil companies are fined for killing Eagles and frogs while Wind farms are given passes and no fines for the same offenses.  Based on what little evidence has been released from the administration this all started in the spring of 2009.

We have the IRS singling out individuals and groups based on their political motivations.  Before approving documents that should be automatic approvals these groups must actually provide transcripts of every prayer given by anyone associated with their group.  In a country that was founded on religious freedom the IRS has since 2009 taken it upon themselves to start over auditing, scrutinizing applications, and demanding unreasonable information that under any other circumstance would be considered religious harassment.  We look at Egypt and Iran and how their governments deal with groups that don’t agree with their philosophy and we are starting to mirror their processes.  This includes the denial or the aggressive applications processes that were put into place against the conservative groups such as the Tea Party and others starting in the spring of 2009, I am sure the timing was just a coincidence.  Once again the lack of support from the administration is doing nothing but hindering the investigation.  They are pleading the fifth.  The head of the IRS who has been to the White House 158 times since 2009 when asked why told the Congress that he went there for an Easter Egg hunt with his family.  The previous three heads of the IRS visited the White House a total of nine times during their entire terms, combined!  Yet this guy refuses to tell Congress who he met with and why he met with whoever.

Next we have a Justice department that chooses the laws that it wants to enforce based upon the political positions of the citizens involved.  This ranges from the dropping the charges against pipe wrench toting Black Panthers in front of polling places to insinuating espionage charges against a reporter doing his job.  Our Attorney General actually sat in front of Congress and lied to them and then decides that the lie is not really a lie because his department didn’t really mean what they told the three different judges they shopped to get an illegal warrant.  His department has taken unprecedented steps in gathering the phone records of both the AP and Fox News without any legal ground s in doing so.  Then of course we have the infamous Fast and Furious gun running scandal.  The Attorney General refused to disclose to Congress who the orders came from and how many people were involved in the gun running scheme.  He refused to tell them who at the White House knew of the program.  When subpoenaed by Congress the White House invoked Executive privilege so as to not have to tell who knew about what and when they knew anything.

This is the time for responsible leadership.  This is the time for our President to stand up and throw a fit and get some heads rolling.  Instead what we see is a man who is in hiding, hoping things will blow over.  When asked about anything he says that is someone else’s responsibility and he knows nothing.  According to him, he is in charge of nothing, not the IRS, the Justice Department, the State Department, or the White House itself.  According to his spokesman, Jay Carney, the President is concerned about all of the events but that most of what is going on is grandstanding by Republicans.  It seems too coincidental that all of these things started taking hold in the spring of 2009 and remained hidden until after the election of 2012.  If Obama were in charge of any other publicly held company he would have been fired for incompetence several years ago.  Instead we still have another two and a half years of Chicago in Washington DC, where no one is accountable to the American people anymore.

You know, I would compare this President to Nixon, but I have too much respect for Nixon to do that.  At least Nixon knew that regardless of who was to blame, the buck stopped with him.  He took responsibility.