Our senses remind of us things that we have long since forgotten about but that have remained a part of us during that time.  A smell can remind us of our mother or grandmother baking an apple pie on a hot summer day.  The rain can bring back memories of walking home from school hand in hand with the love that you thought would be there when you grew old.  A kiss on a certain spot can bring back someone who you thought you had lost forever.

Senses help to make sense of our lives

A simple kiss, out of the blue
Brings back memories of a lifetime ago
Reclaiming a life that was lost
Filling a void created by love
High on the mountain
Patching a road weathered by the storms
Never making it to the top
Layers stripped back to expose the nerves
Masking the pain of everyday life
For how long
Each minute last an hour
Every hour a day
Every day a month
Every month a year
Time passes by so fast in love
So slow in fear
To hell with how I feel
The placard has fallen to the ground
The names cannot be read
The paths chosen, why
The writings have stopped
No one left to read
To try to comfort is to open the wound
Yet never enough comfort to ease the pain
Never enough pain to ease the guilt
Never enough guilt
To forget will never happen
To love again a farce
Feeling love once more
Having the opportunity to love again
And then losing it out of fear
Another needle in the vein
The thirteenth loop in the noose
The magic bullet
Another reason to give up
To define a true loser
To reflect on one’s life
To look deep into the mirror
And see the love leave your eyes
Losing a friend, a love, a life
A simple kiss, out of the blue
The beginning or the end
The beginning of the end
The end of the beginning
The end